Orange Office
Attic refurbishment project for the new offices of a firm of young lawyers – who seek to combine a modern vision with elegance. It is an attic of about 70 squares – which a program of two offices, a meeting room and a disruptive entrance space: hall-receiver-breakfast room; being a space of stay and meeting.
The architecture begins in this equipment that welcomes visitors and lawyers. It is resolved with a double layer – sober, white and marked by strength – and in an explosive terracotta color inside – creating a contrast that brings liveliness to the space.
The introduction of this new element of equipment and partition is the axis of the project. This partition must provide lightness and lighting to the entrance, being resolved through a symmetrical modulation: opaque + striated glass + opaque.
Both the terracotta – beige combination; like the chosen furniture – walnut furniture from the 1960s from Madrid’s flea market –are inspired by the atmosphere of Mad Men.
In collaboration with Carmen de Miguel.
Project management
Interior Design
CGI art
Project Year


A project by Suav estudio digital & arquitectura in collaboration with Carmen de Miguel  for a private client, a refurbishment in Lavapiés, Madrid, España.
Project management: Suav architecture +  Carmen de Miguel.
Interior Design: Suav architecture + Carmen de Miguel.
CGI art & producción: Suav digital studio.