This project is located in the Chueca neighborhood, symbol of the LGTBI community and the center of Madrid, Spain.The bookshelf arises from a need on the part of customers to be able to organize the more than 2000 books they have in their home, which until now half were stacked in every corner of each room in the house.
Placing the shelves in the kitchen matches the customers’ way of life, since their way of living is not standard, so their rooms could not be standardized either. So the idea of ​​creating a shelf in this place, occupying the entire empty wall. This wall is the first thing you find when you walk towards the kitchen, which is the last room in the house. The vision of it from the entrance was important. It had to give the feeling that in that place you do not cook, but it is a place where you dream and let your imagination fly and suddenly you wake up cooking.
“I wake up every morning I go to the kitchen and think how beautiful it is”
Design + Construction management
Project Year


A project by Suav Interiorismo for DOSPASSOS, a literature and communication agency in Madrid.
Design, Construction management: Suav Interiorismo.
Carpenter: Javier Sánchez Martín.