House  P-651
This project arises from the investigation of how can we make contemporary housing more flexible from a gender perspective. The three-bedroom house from the 60s located in the emblematic Lavapies neighbourhood in Madrid, doesn’t adapt to the way of life of its new inhabitant.
We believe in the social role of Architecture. Values such as joining the kitchen to the living room, make the functions of cooking more flexible and socialise it. It seeks to break the roles assigned by predefined activities and spaces. The bathrooms are separated into two as in French or Japanese houses, disconnecting the toilet from the bath. The bathroom also becomes a laundry room, housing the cycle of shower – bathtub – dirty – clean clothes and making everyone a participant in the process.
The importance of color is significant; as the house is thought to be at the same time home and an exhibition space.
The heart of the house are two cubes – containers for the wet areas and all the installations of the house – leaving the rest of the space open as a loft.


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Suav Reformas
Lavapiés. Madrid. España
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