“The tiktokero hotdoggeo, from Oscar Mayer to the world…Today I know what I want, I have a plan…Come to my keo de picoteo…I’ll make a hotdoggeo if it comes with sauce…”.
This is a very special project because of the added difficulty of modelling an object such as a hotdog in the shape of a balloon.  We want to record an advertisement in TikTok for the famous Oscar Mayer brand. The ad consists of several parts and different representations of the hot dog that we all have in our imagination. With a very catchy single, which you can’t stop humming. With a very modern, colourful and fun design, our 3D dog is integrated in the final scene. A music video orchestrated by international dancer Sam Vázquez and starring well-known influencers who challenge each other to replicate their dance moves.  It appears in space when a balloon is blown up and the people in the room are surprised. It was a challenge, but at the same time a very fun job.
According to the client the intention of the video is to connect the z generation, through a powerful Tik-Tok strategy, associating Oscar Mayer with fun moments.
Creating the #hotdoggeo movement
Object design
Project Year

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A project by Suav digital studio & architecture for thinketers , for an Oscar Mayer advertisement for TikTok.
Object Design: Suav digital studio.