Atmospheres* of pleasure

Exhibition made for the Dissemination Session about Architecture and Sexuality, called Architecture Seeks Sex, at Casa Sahara Aminetu Haidar.

Atmospheres* of pleasure is a recognition of the spaces of desire so standardized in today’s society. Furthermore, they are imposed by an educational model that has marked how we should behave sexually. This project wants to break with those traditional cultural patterns imposed on the imaginary of the individual’s desire according to what is morally “good” for a dominant sector of the population.

An Architectural Atmosphere* is an active environment that causes a certain emotional effect on the user. In these spaces the immersion experience is double: A corporeal immersion as well as a mental – evocative- immersion.

Through our images we want to recreate sensorial spaces, while at the same time they transmit a message: the lack of pleasure in nowadays architecture.

“Poetic images are mental framework that aim our associations, emotions, reactions and thoughts  […]

They occupy our mind, condition our thoughts and feelings, and gives rise to an imaginary reality.”

Gaston Bachelard


Project Year
Organized by
FireIsland + Antonio Bonilla